Plant a Seed & Bensalem School of Music Doing Good Work

This past Wednesday members of the Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation met with Rhiannon White, a recent scholarship recipient. Rhiannon just entered the 7th grade this year and is full of energy; she loves to sing according to her mom Jessica. After meeting Rhiannon, her love for music is very evident; she has a beautiful voice and a natural gift. PAS is honored to support Rhiannon’s passion for music and to encourage her to continue to singing.

Rhiannon takes singing lessons at the Bensalem School of Music, located in Bensalem, PA. The staff members at the music school are an incredible group of people who give of their time, talent and resources to encourage young people like Rhiannon to explore and develop their talents and to grow as people. PAS is proud to partner with the Bensalem School of Music because of their desire to make a difference in the lives of their students and how it parallels with the goals of a PAS scholarship, and Rhiannon is no exception to their positive influence.  


Through their scholarships, PAS delivers powerful life-changing activities for children from families with financial needs by encouraging them to engage in their interests under the guidance of helpful and caring role models. The Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation is a Bucks County based charity whose goal is provide children from low income families, between the ages of 10-18, with the opportunity to pursue their passions while interacting with positive role models. PAS connects deserving young people with mentors who provide instruction, coaching and support for a wide range of activities that align with the child’s interests that include karate, music, dance, football, and much more. To apply for a scholarship please visit our website at www.plantaseedfoundation.org or call us directly at 267.503.2998.


Photo: Left to Right:  Jessica Chambers, Voice Instructor; Lynn Cohen, Board Member; Andrew Sumbillo, BSM Executive Director; Michele & Gene Rice, Board Members; Rhiannon & Jessica White; and Jeff Cohen, Board Member.   Not pictured: Norman Khadijah and Timothy Stansfield, additional scholarship recipients.


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