Don't Trash Old Computers, TVs

TVs and computers can no longer be picked up at curbside trash collections under the Covered Device Recycling Act.

Are you still wondering what to do with your old TV or computer that you replaced recently? There are many options for disposal, but trash collection isn't one of them.

TVs and computers can no longer be picked up at curbside trash collections under the Covered Device Recycling Act, which went into effect Thursday, Jan. 24. "Covered devices" include desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals and televisions, the act states.

Since landfills and other solid waste disposal facilities in Pennsylvania will no longer be allowed to accept covered devices, the Act requires that these devices be recycled.

Locally, there are several options to safely dispose of your unwanted electronics.

If your item is still in working condition, consider donating it to Impact Thrift 

But if your item is broken, you can visit Best Buy in Fairless Hills or the Goodwill located at 2637 Street Rd. in Bensalem to recycle your TVs and other electronics. And Bensalem Staples accepts computer monitors and other electronics.

For a full list of recycling locations throughout Pennsylvania click here.

Dave Fiedler January 28, 2013 at 05:26 PM
A cautionary note on computers--and this applies to recycling or the old way of putting in the trash. The hard drive that you think you've wiped clean is still loaded with sensitive data, especially if you've made online purchases or used the computer for banking and other financial records. Taking it to a drop-off location is all well and good in being rid of it, but all those archived bits & bites of data are going with it and potentially into someone's hands that may choose to mine it and use it to do you harm. Drop off's and electronic r/c events are fine for TV's, monitors and other electronics, but computers? I don't think so regardless of how the "safety" aspect is advertised. If you can figure out how to remove the hard drive before dropping it off that's an option. Otherwise, be careful what you do with a used computer or laptop and never donate it with the express purpose of it being reused (with your data still hidden on it).


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