Fitzpatrick To Meet Energy Officials At BCCC

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick and energy officials meet at the colleges energy conference on Thursday..

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick will meet representatives of four major energy industries at Bucks County Community College to discuss the future of American energy, oil dependency and new technology.

The school will be holding its first ever energy conference, titled America's Energy Future, at its Lower Bucks Campus in Bristol on Thursday.

"We hope this will be a good springboard for insightful discussion on America's current energy policy," Bill Pezza said.

Pezza, an author and political science professor at Bucks, will host the conference.

The conference's topic seems to be a poignant one considering current events. Two major ecological energy-based disasters -- the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster last July and the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor incident in March of 2011 -- are fresh in many minds.

"We envisioned this before the BP oil spill and the Fukishima incident, so now more than ever, it's become a very timely discussion that has really garnered a great deal of students and public interest," Pezza said.

The conference, open to Bucks students and the general public, will be held as an open question and answer forum. Attending will be representatives from four of the major energy industries in America: wind, solar, oil and nuclear.

Energy and oil dependency was a large part of Fitzpatrick's campaign against former Rep. Patrick Murphy in 2010.

"I support a balanced national energy policy that includes safe nuclear power, clean coal, responsible offshore drilling and economical, renewable energy … While we should encourage development of clean energy and decrease our dependence on foreign oil, I oppose legislation currently being considered by Congress that would implement a carbon Cap and Trade system," Fitzpatrick said, in a statement on his campaign website.

The energy conference will run from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Lower Bucks Campus on 1304 Veterans Highway in Bristol.


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