Bucks County Kids Can Win $500 for Selling Lemonade

Bucks County Public Libraries encourages children ages 7 - 12 to run a lemonade stand for the chance to win prizes.

It's always a fun afternoon activity for children to set up a lemonade stand to make a few bucks during the summer months. But Bucks County Public Libraries is making selling lemonade more than something to do on a sunny afternoon. The library is awarding $500 to the person with the best stand.

Until Aug. 5, any child between the ages of 7 and 12 can enter the contest. Participants are free to choose their location, design their stand, pick a selling price and do what they want with their profits.

The winner of the $500 prize will be selected by a panel of independent judges and the decision will be based on creativity of design, how well the child ran the lemonade stand and the best business plan. Runner Up and Honorable Mention prizes will also be given.

Here's how to enter:

  • Download an entry form (either by clicking on the PDF in our photos section, or by visiting the contest's website)
  • Take a photo of the lemonade stand to submit with your entry form (or e-mail lemonade@buckslib.org). Include your full name and phone number with the photos.
  • Submit the media release form for the people in the photo signed by their parent or gaurdian (either by clicking on the PDF in our photos section, or by visiting the contest's website).


Winners will be announced by Sept. 2, and prizes will be given at the Yardley Branch of the Bucks County Free Library sometime in September. The participant or a representative must be present at the award ceremony to win.

To get all of the details, visit the Bucks County Public Libraries website.

Bill Wasylenko July 08, 2011 at 11:14 AM
How many will be shut down due to not having mercantile licenses?


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