Help Wanted: Taranova’s, Parx, Mealey’s, Rothman

Looking for a job? These Bensalem-based businesses are hiring.


Check out these local jobs posted recently on Craigslist.org. (Click on the job title to view the online posting.) 

July 29: Cooks needed at

July 27: Full-Time Permanent Overnight Computer Operator needed at

July 27: Sales Associates and Bedding Specialists needed at

July 24: Informatics Implementation Project Manager needed at Rothman Specialty Hospital

ararref July 30, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Hey gang, this is what our girl wendy wrote. Follow Jul 30, 2012 What a Joke!! http://bensalem.patch.com/articles/help-wanted-taranova-s-parx-mealey-s-rothman To begin with, these ads are days to over a week old, at least!! Secondly, Half of them are Abusive, USELESS minimum wage jobs, that don't support a flea, and what is worthwhile, you need decades of experience, and /or a degree from MIT!! How about some decent medical/office jobs, that offer a decent salary?? Maybe ahe should get a job, I love it now she's beating up on the patch, welcome to the club Joe Hart. What's the matter wendy pissed that your other cause is over
ararref July 30, 2012 at 07:44 PM
wendy what do you call rothman, you asked about decent medical jobs. is that not proof that your wrong again.


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