Kelly's Kitchen Replaces Pookie's

The new owner of the restaurant formerly known as Pookie's on Bristol road changed the name to Kelly's Kitchen.

Kelly's Kitchen is the new name of the Bristol restaurant formerly known as Pookie's.

The owner, Bud Jones, had originally planned on keeping the name, but told Patch he decided to change the restaurant's name after receiving some feedback from customers.

"I was going to try to do that, but we found out bad vibration associations with the name," Jones said. "I hate to throw that out there."

Jones said that customers told him they thought the restaurant had been reopened by the previous owner, Kent Boyer, and that was negatively affecting business. The because "it just didn't do enough business," Boyer said. 

After brainstorming names, Jones settled on Kelly's Kitchen. The restaurant is now named after his daughter who does the accounting and bookwork for the restaurant, and two other restaurants that the Jones family owns.

"She's the heir to the throne," Jones said, adding that it made it a natural choice.

One Bensalem resident didn't seem to care about the name change as she exited the restaurant with only her recent meal on her mind.

"Excellent food," Michelle Kaiser said. "Just excellent."

Jones, who is from Feasterville, re-opened the restaurant on Dec. 6 in the Village Center on Bristol Road.

Aubrey February 20, 2013 at 01:06 AM
I went to Pookies once since they re-opened it with the new owner Bud! And I am not the kind of person to put negative comments out there because everyone has there own opinions. But after what I just read what Bud said about Pookies is horrible and just rude just like the food and staff from the one time I went there to try it! When Kent owned it there was never any kind of "bad vibrations" his family were the nicest people I have ever met! And I miss the old Pookies and the staff KENT had!!!!!
Harriet February 20, 2013 at 01:28 AM
This past weekend I visited the new "Kelly's kitchen" and let me just say the only thing that was wonderful about this experience was I found out where my old waitress Jeanine from pookies was relocated to. Pookies had the sweetest staff and Kelly's kitchen shouldn't worry about the change in name and start thinking about changes in their staff
Candice Erb Goodnoe March 02, 2013 at 02:11 AM
The new owner has every right to express to the public what his customers had said to him. That is not rude he did not say he felt that way he just stated what he was told. I dnt not believe Aubrey that you know every person that went to Pookies to state that There were no bad vibrations. He did not say anything negative about the previous owner, family or his staff. He got negative feedback from people and he acted on it as anybody who owns a business would do. Not everybody will be satisfied with the service they are given. If you dnt like him or his business do not go. He has 2 other successful businesses so he is doing something right. I'm sure your lack of business will not break Kelly's Kitchen since the business you gave Pookies did not help keep them open. Trying to hurt someone's business by bashing them is low. It sounds to me that you had some kind of personal connection with the previous owner since you are on a first name basis. People have bad days as I'm sure you do as well. People are not equipped to 100% happy all the time but they do have families to provide for and making negative comments about businesses and their staff could overall affect their livelihoods.
Chris S March 02, 2013 at 10:03 PM
I've eaten at the "new" Kelly's Kitchen twice - lunch and breakfast and found the food to be good for lunch and very good for breakfast. The waitress was fine - friendly and attentive. The only negative comment was my corned beef reuben was a little tough. It was edible and the breakfast omelet and bacon were cooked perfectly. The breakfast potatoes were a combo of soft and crispy the way I like them. I will go back to try dinner soon.
KARMA March 03, 2013 at 01:46 PM
i recently visited kellys kitchen,,,my waitress bernie was clueless to anything i was asking her about the menu,,,then i realized what she was going through with the fat pig in the back ringing the school bell in the kitchen...the worst expience my family has had in years,,,,do yourself and bensalem a favor BUD TAKE YOUR FROZEN FOOD BACK TO JERSEY...
shorty March 15, 2013 at 10:36 PM
Its pretty bad that former emplyee's talk smack...at least we still have our jobs...do us a favor get a life


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