Redbox Rentals: Top 5 This Week

Movies about robots, superheroes, talking animals, ghost-faced killers and an assassin round out the top rentals.

In the mood to rent a movie, but not sure what's popular? Patch has teamed up with Redbox to bring you the top five rented movies throughout our area.

Have you watched any of these movies? Tell us which was your favorite in the comments, then check back next week for a new list.

Here's what's hot this week.

  • Transformers Dark of the Moon, PG-13 Action/Sci-Fi. Somehow, they managed to take what was once a beloved Saturday morning cartoon and transform it into a loud, fast CGI extravaganza that has a story line like to the JFK’s race to the moon.
  • X-Men: First Class, PG-13 Action. Apparently, if you can’t come up with a sequel, it’s acceptable to go to a prequel. In this case, we go back to the Cold War with the first X-Men.
  • Zookeeper, PG Comedy. Mall Cop. Zookeeper. Is there anything Kevin James won’t do for a laugh?
  • Scream 4, R Horror. Sidney Prescott returns home, which brings about the return of Ghostface. Scary stuff.
  • Hanna, PG-13 Action/Suspense. A teenage girl is trained in the Swedish wilds by her CIA father to be the perfect assassin. If that doesn’t intrigue you, take a pass on this movie.


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