More Businesses Help BHS Seniors Get To Prom

Young ladies pick out their free dresses at Golden Asp.

Three more township businesses added their generosity to the inaugural Community Prom Pride Project on the same day two seniors picked out their free dresses.

, Salon Montage and are offering their services free of charge, joining , and Gent and in helping seniors Danielle Martin, Artina Nimpson, Juan Morales Gonzales and Kristofer Sippel get to their prom next month.

Under the program, 23 students who overcame personal challenges in their young lives were nominated by guidance counselors and social workers, with four students ultimately chosen by Supervisor of Pupil Services Tammy Wood.

"The accomplishments and struggles that each of these students has experienced thus far represents the stories of many of our students. They have all overcome something and are strong in their own way," said Wood.

The widely known Golden Asp has provided two free prom dresses along with accessories and jewelry. Artina and Danielle visited the local business Thursday night. Artina, who lives with her aunt and uncle, was leaning toward orange and yellow gowns while Danielle, whose father passed away in February, was sticking with her purple desire.

Country Bride and Gent is providing two free tuxedo rentals along with shoes, shirts and ties. Juan, an ESL student, and Kristofer, who comes from a single-parent household, plan to get fitted for their tuxes next week.

Barbara's Floral Expressions is giving nosegays to the young ladies and boutonnieres to the young men.

"I like to help children," said Barbara Kasparian. "It makes you feel good."

Pro Hair Salon, in the Showcase Plaza Shopping Center on Street Road, will be styling Danielle's hair. Studio Montage, at 4562 Bensalem Boulevard, will be getting Artina coifed on the day of the prom. Sport Clips, at 400 Rockhill Drive, has offered free haircuts to the boys.

The four students will be attending their senior prom May 25 at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Some said they wouldn't have been able to afford prom if it weren't for the project.

Jon Liney, owner of The Golden Asp, repeated Thursday that the decision to help was a "no-brainer" for he and his wife, Daphne Hardin.

"I hope we do this next year," he added.

(Article courtesy of the Bensalem School District.)


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