Really, Do We Care? Is This Any of our Business?

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We are now into day 4 of CIA Director David Petraeus resignation and public scrutiny of a man that held one of most important positions in our country’s Government. And all we can talk about is his affair on his wife. I hate to sound like I don’t care but, to be honest, I don’t. It is not my business or anyone else’s business whom this man had an affair with, yes he was morally wrong but who am I to judge?

The woman Petraeus was having an affair with, Paula Broadwell had written abook about him. I am sure there weren’t more secrets traded while in bed than there were when she was given cart blanch to follow him all over the world and interview him for the book. In fact Broadwell’s main mission in writing this book was to tell the story of a great man and how he was educated and reached his goals. Broadwell was interviewed just as her book was being released and said that she hoped that her book would inspire young people everywhere. Now all of that work has gone to the wayside and everything this man has accomplished is completely diminished by the fact that he had an extramarital affair.

Prior to the scandal behind Director David Petraeus he was revered as one of the best leaders our country has. He had accomplished so much in his life:serving in the military for over 37 years, raising two amazing children and staying married for over 35 years. Director David Petraeus worked hard and has a resume that is superb and because of a decision he made he has thrown away all of his accomplishments and in fact will never be remembered for all the good he did in fact he will be reviled as the man that had to step down because of an affair. The only consolation is that he is not the first! The real reason I am upset is that that despite the horrible decision and idiocy do I need to hear about this every day, all day?! How many angles can one come up with? What do his childhood friends remember about him? Has he always had bad judgment? Needless to say, an important question is how does his wife feel? Lets see…….. I would imagine she is beyond angry and hurt.

CIA Director David Petraeus is going to be paying dearly for his mistakes, and not from the public but from the people that matter most to him, his family.Not only did he embarrass himself, but his wife and his children too. His children and wife will probably never trust him. That I am sure is enough of a payment for one’s lifetime.

My judgment or the judgment of the American public shouldn’t matter. He resigned. It is over. But, why do all of the news channels and programs go over this story incessantly? Aren’t there more important issues going on in the Country? Like the fact that the elderly in Staten Island have no had electricity or running water for over 2 WEEKS? Maybe the welfare of our elderly trumps the fact that a politician got caught with his pants down. Really?…. old news, let’s help the people that need it, that to me is news worthy!

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Colin Gardner November 14, 2012 at 05:28 PM
It IS our business. This is not a small issue as Broadwell is suspected of storing significant amounts of military documents, including classified information at her home, potentially in violation of federal law.
cast4 November 14, 2012 at 05:43 PM
This could have been a National security issue. He could have become compromised and most likely already lost his security clearance. Maybe do a little more research before publishing next time.
Elizabeth Chance November 14, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Thank you for your comments and for readin my blog. I should have gone more into the point I was trying to make. Yes what happened with Petreus was horrible and unforgivable given he not only put himself in a compromising position but our society as a whole. But, my point which obviously I did not make clear, was that we have focused so much on Petreus and have forgotten about the people in Staten Island. Ever since Hurricane Sandy hit, all I can think of is the people who have no power, or clean water. Especially the elderly that live in high rises; they are living in squatter conditions. I cannot imagine my Grandmother or Grandfather, for that matter, being cold and without the basic necessities one needs to live comfortably. It is a disgrace!!! Please excuse my lack of caring about our Government, my heart is heavy for these people and I wish our Government would HELP.
HOWARD F. HOPSON November 14, 2012 at 08:06 PM
Once Petreaus bought into the "Betray Us Administration," and especially his involvement in the deliberate stonewalling by the administration as well as the liberal press regarding the Benghazi debacle, he opened himself up to significant scrutiny. The Broadwell interlude is the least important part of the general's behavior. The most significant issue is who knew what and when regarding the decisions that were made behind closed doors regarding the terrorist attack at two separate and distinct U.S. facilities in Benghazi on September 11, more than two months ago. We should care less what the general does with his private equipment...BUT, when he leaks who-knows-what to a confidante AND appears to have lied to the American people regarding the story about a spontaneous uprising rather than a terrorist attack relative to the Benghazi affair, then we NEED to know what he knows, if he can be trusted to be truthful. Howard
Colin Gardner November 14, 2012 at 09:05 PM
I appreciate your point Elizabeth...there are plenty of opportunities up here in New York to volunteer and help out with the humanitarian and cleanup effort. Government is only part of the solution.


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