Bites Nearby: Catherine's Restaurant

Enjoy excellent food without the pizazz.

In the ever-expanding competitive world of eateries novelty has recently reigned supreme. With so many choices, it often seems that restaurants would sooner wage battle over who is more creative and unique than who has the better food.

Catherine's Restaurant in Bensalem forgoes that, instead, deciding to provide good, old fashion, quality food at an affordable price.

While it's flair may not be the selling point, Catherine's is still very much oozing with style. The constant running of classic soundtracks from the likes of The Beatles and Frank Sinatra play perfectly with the multitude of Rat Pack and similar pop culture memorabilia that adorns the walls of the restaurant. The atmosphere is just enough to provide a unique and homely atmosphere, without going overboard in kitsch.

What covers the walls doesn't make a dinner any better, and Catherine's knows this, opting to ensure that all its meals on the menu are both filling and plentiful. You likely won't find new tastes at the small mom-and-pop restaurant, but you will leave being satisfied in a quality home-style meal.

Catherine's breakfast menu is likely its best feature, offering a multitude of golden era celebrity-themed menu options such as “Humphrey Bogart” or the “Elvis Presley.” They may not be the most creative breakfast combinations (expect a lot of eggs and sausage combos), but they are always expertly cooked, fresh and filling.

It also helps that Catherine's price point is always low. Throughout the first half of the week, the restaurant offers a half off breakfast menu, even without it though, you'll likely find your meals hovering on the lower end of $11.

If you are looking for a cheap and filling meal that doesn't skimp on the quality, or the flavor, Catherine's no-frills menu provides all you need to sate your hunger pangs til another day.

Catherine's is located on 3334 Bristol Road in Bensalem.

Pondeli Hajioannou October 24, 2011 at 07:54 AM
Great article Michael, now I have to make time to visit them. As you now have me curious are they as good as you have written they are.
Joan Leonard Shapiro October 24, 2011 at 12:33 PM
I agree but there is just one this..... that is NOT the correct picture of the restaurant LOL. At Catherine's the food is awsome and the staff is very friendly. They make you feel at home and when you become a regular they greet you with your favorite drink being sent to the table before you even order it. The lunches are great and they always have White Board Specials that are very resonable in price. I just love the cheese steaks or cheese burgers they say the roll makes the sandwich this is so true their rolls are so yummy and if we opt for breakfast instead of lunch we always have the rye it is real jewish rye unlike anything you can find in the area. I have never had a bad meal and the prices are great. It has a real homey feel, not like all the chain restaurants out there, the chef even comes out to talk ith all the people. This place is a MUST GO TO. Once you try the food and feel the love you will become a regular.


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