District Cooperates with Police in School Theft Investigation

The Bensalem School District has issued a statement regarding recent arrests related to an ongoing theft investigation.


The has issued a statement regarding the recent arrest of two of its employees.

have charged two school district employees related to the ongoing investigation into the theft and resale of district property.

Police arrested Martin Chappell and Frederick Lange. Both are longtime employees in the district school bus depot.

In response to the recent arrests, the school district issued the following statement:

Two of our vehicle maintenance employees of long standing have recently been arrested.  Since this is a personnel related matter, the School District is not at liberty to comment further or provide any additional information.

In June, the Board retained the firm of Eisner Amper to assist in a forensic audit.  We believe that these activities while reprehensible, if found to be true, would soon have been detected because of the Board's proactive stance.   

The taxpayers of Bensalem deserve to have full accountability of their tax dollars and the Board is committed to ensuring that the taxpayers are protected and the laws of Pennsylvania will be fully enforced.  New controls have been put into effect immediately.

As part of Pennsylvania’s annual safety inspection program, every school transportation vehicle has been inspected by the Pennsylvania State Police in the last four weeks to ensure vehicle safety and readiness for the start of the 2012-13 school year.  Additionally, this week, our transportation coordinator and appropriately licensed vehicle maintenance personnel have reviewed every student transportation vehicle for state inspection level safety quality.

We are fully cooperating with the authorities and will continue to do so.

The police investigation is on-going and anyone with additional information is asked to call Bensalem Township Police at 215-633-3719.

Tips can be called in or e-mailed ~ 215-633-3660 or tips@bensalem-township.org

P2YA August 30, 2012 at 02:34 PM
The district and board are active taking a PR stance in damage control mode, but it doesn't begin to explain to taxpayers why and how this went undetected for over a decade. Oh, that's right, it's a "personnel matter," so employees, their graft and, in the case of supervisors, alleged incompetence are protected above all else. Since when did public employees that violate the public trust have a right of privacy that trumps the right to know of stakeholders (in this case property tax payers)? I realize nobody's been convicted yet, but there have been confessions, etc. Now's the time, as part of those new controls, to question if those in charge should keep their positions in the face of hundreds of thousands of dollars stollen from public funds that taxpayers are making up in this year's increase. Remember, this is also the school board that engaged in secret negotiations for a teacher's contract with NO public input. Some of these individuals--all from the same political party--have forgotten their responsibility to the people that elect them. A change is needed there as well. They come door to door suggesting Democratic candidates will give away the store and tax us into oblivion, but then every year they raise taxes while some districts hold the line. Now we know why. The money is leaking out of the bottom of the bucket through rampant theft of time and supplies, and nobody's watching (until now, when it's too late)!


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