Council OKs Expansion for McDonald’s-Supplying Bakery

Bake Rite Rolls Inc. is expanding its Bensalem bakery facility, which supplies rolls and muffins to McDonald’s restaurants.


A bakery that helps McDonald’s make its famous burgers and breakfast sandwiches is expanding its Bensalem facility.

On Sept. 24, Bensalem Township Council approved an expansion plan for Bake Rite Rolls, Inc., a local bakery that makes sandwich rolls and English muffins that it sells to McDonald’s restaurants and other customers.

The current facility is 66,000 square feet. It’s located on a 4.5-acre site at 2945 Samuel Drive, off Street Road near I-95. The application was seeking 14,000 square feet of additional space for short term warehousing and distribution.

Bake Rite’s attorney Doug Maloney said the facility needs additional space because “they’re making the rolls faster than they can distribute them.”

Councilman Joe Pillieri asked if the expansion would bring any new jobs to the facility.

“Unfortunately, we’re not adding any (employees) but we’re able to stay in Bensalem Township with this addition,” Maloney said. “We have 120 employees working three shifts full time and we’re just sort of out-producing our facility so we need this additional staging area just to keep the operation going.”

Councilman Ed Kisselback told Maloney that if the company ever felt like it has outgrown its facilities, they should visit Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo.

“He’ll find you a place that you can call Bensalem your home forever,” he said. “We’d like to keep you here.”

In the end, Council unanimously approved the application.


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