FBI: Levittown Man Sentenced for $400K+ Fraud

William Rullo made illegal purchases using money from a court.

A Levittown man is facing more than two years in jail after he tried to defraud a state court.

William Rullo, 47, of Levittown, was sentenced Wednesday to 33 months in prison for a scheme to defraud the First Judicial District (“the district”) of Pennsylvania, where he was employed, between 1999 and 2010.

Rullo pleaded guilty to mail fraud. He was using his position as a procurement technician in the Procurement Department of the District to make illegal purchases, such as flat screen televisions, for himself, his family, and his friends. His fraud scheme cost the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania approximately $433,000.

As a procurement technician, Rullo’s job duties included: placing orders with vendors, purchasing courtroom electronic and other goods for the district, using a district credit card to make purchases, and getting approval from a district judge or director of Administrative Services before submitting invoices to the Accounts Payable Department, according to a release from the FBI.

Between January 2005 and March 2010, Rullo used his district credit card to make approximately $321,000 in purchases for his own benefit. Among those credit card purchases were thousands of dollars in SEPTA transit tokens that he resold to a co-worker for approximately half price, telling the co-worker he had bought them at a discount. Between July 2008 and August 2009, Rullo forged signatures of First Judicial District judges and the director of Administrative Services on invoices. With those forged invoices, Rullo was able to purchase items for his own use with First Judicial District funds. For example, Rullo purchased 36 plasma and LCD televisions totaling more than $65,000. Between December 1999 and March 2010, Rullo purchased monthly service for eight AT&T cell phones that he provided to his family and friends at a cost to the First Judicial District of approximately $12,000. Between July 2005 and March 2010, Rullo purchased approximately $35,000 in monthly parking passes that he then resold to friends and co-workers for approximately $100 per monthly pass.

For the purpose of executing the fraud scheme, Rullo caused a First Judicial District check, in the amount of $6,269, to be sent by U.S. Mail from the First Judicial District to Arch Electronics to pay for electronic equipment ordered by Rullo for his own personal use and benefit.

In addition to the prison term, U.S. District Court Judge Stewart Dalzell ordered Rullo to pay restitution in the amount of $433,000, a $100 special assessment, and ordered three years of supervised release.

The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, the First Judicial District, and the Philadelphia Police Department. It was prosecuted by Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney and Special Assistant United States Attorney William Inden.



Feds: Levittown Man Bilks City Of Philadelphia Of $400K+

Chris Taylor Jr November 22, 2012 at 04:25 PM
I am glad they caught this criminal. but ordering him to pay $433k in restitution is going to run afoul of the constitution. your effectively giving him a LIFE SENTENCE after this fiasco he will be lucky to find a job willing to pay him $20k a year IE a low hourly wage job. The government will take at least 50% of that in direct taxation he will have at least $5k a year in mandatory expenses to survive. so he will have $5k left to pay down this restitution. do I even need to do this math? 87 years to pay it back. You might as well put a giant sign in front of the guys face MORE CRIME to "try" and pay this off. Because that is the only way he could reasonable pay such a debt off is to steal it from someone else. NOW don't get me wrong. I am not saying what he did is in ANY way shape or form right but this sort of punishment is unconstitutional (cruel and unusual clause) There is ZERO feasible means (unless he retains a sizable chunk of the stolen property which can be seized) that a person in his now new position can EVER pay off this debt. EVER. his ONLY options are to either STEAL it from someone else OR to evade the law under a new identity and live as surf for the rest of his life always hiding and running. I see NO other option for the guy. what is the objective of our legal system is something you need to ask yourself. Punishment and vengeance or reasonable punishment and rehabilitation.?


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