Massive Route 13 Overhaul to Begin Soon

The Route 13 project will add sidewalks, reconstruct bridges, medians, get rid of many jug handles and reduce some lanes of travel, officials tell Patch.

After more than a dozen years of talk and speculation, the Route 13 revitalization project is expected to begin in just weeks.

The project will begin at the end of January when contractors will begin utility work and drainage installation in the area of Route 13 and Green Lane, PennDOT spokesperson Charles Metzger said.

The estimated $40 million project will revamp the roadway from Veterans Highway (Route 413) to the Levittown Parkway. The communities of Bristol, Bristol Township and Tullytown will be impacted by the project.

Crews will revitalize the busy commuter route by creating a new median, reconstructing the roadway, adding left turn lanes and ridding the area of several jug handles.

Asphalt will replace the recognizable tan concrete road surface that currently makes up the 4 mile stretch of road projected to be redone. The transportation department is shifting to asphalt for the project due to its lower cost and ease of maintenance and repair, Metzger said.

After dozens of pedestrian deaths along the roadway, including three in the past two months, PennDOT will be installing curbs and sidewalks along portions of the roadway in Bristol and Bristol Township, Metzger said. He added that the sidewalks will feature handicap accessible ramps.

“Walking along the road at dark is scary,” Jesus Izquierdo, a Philadelphia resident and local laborer who often walks on the shoulder, said. “There are no paved paths or nothing.”

Sidewalks along the road have been requested by local residents for years. Motorist often see pedestrian walking on the shoulder, just feet from vehicles traveling well over the assigned speed limit.

Bridges that cross the Otter Creek and Adams Hollow Creek are also slated to be overhauled during the project, which will temporarily reduce the lanes of travel.

PennDOT designs also permanently reduce the lanes of travel in each direction from three to two in part of Bristol Township and Tullytown.

Moving forward, the project’s contractor, James D. Morrissey Inc., is set to meet with state and local officials in the coming weeks and set out a construction schedule for the work. PennDOT plans to create a website to update the motoring public on the status of the work, Metzger said.

According to Metzger, road crews will cooperate with businesses situated along the work zone and make sure that access is maintained throughout the project.

“We’ve tried to take everything into account for this project,” the spokesman said.

tricia January 09, 2013 at 03:20 PM
Changing it from concrete to asphalt is a mistake. They can't keep up with the roads now. Apparently whoever they have do the roads cuts too many corners on things they should not and the roads are a a mess. From constant patching to ripples. The only thing that has held up around here is the concrete. Try crossing 13 at any intersection is like crossing I 95. It shouldn't be done walking. In other major cities you have crosswalks above the highway. I know this isn't possible. But they just re-paved 13 after Beaver Dam heading south. Plus people don't walk on the sidewalks as it is. Can't tell you why they wear all black and walk in the street. They need to fix what they have. The streets here within the sections are a mess.
Earle Leo Nelson Jr. January 09, 2013 at 05:14 PM
I for one, hope the township isn't footing this bill, there are roads in the twp that need paving more than 13 needs to be ripped up and just like Tricia said no one walks on the sidewalks anyway and the concrete "IS" all that lasts for years. Its just that Penndot doesn't know how to use concrete anymore. As soon as the water gets under the Asphalt it will lift the roadway up and that's when it will start to crumble.Just look at how long after New Falls was paved before "Morrissey" had to pave it over again. As far as left turning lanes, that's just what we need more idiots pulling out in front of cross traffic causing more accidents. Engineers, book smart street stupid. Example 1 the line painting after the Oxford Valley Mall/ Sesame Street entrance area North near the RT 1 exits and entrances. And when are they going to do the Business rt 1 and Oxford Valley Rd intersection? That is the stupidest road system around, Fudruckers is down, condemn his land, take it over and build the intersections, my wife has to drive through there everyday and there are some many IDIOTS driving up there, I wish I could put heat seeking rockets on her car just to protect her from the morons.
concerned citizen January 10, 2013 at 11:29 AM
Yes that oxford valley road section by the wawa is he worst intersection in the entire tristate area! Why is it not fixed so we can actually drive and walk there? Same with woodbourne rd by trenton rd! One lane bs! Back to rte 13 mess: they just waated alot of time redoing the concrete by the dunkin donuts! Why why why? Now they wAnt to make everything 2 lanes. Are you nutz? We need more lanes and a tall wall in center like how they did absecon rte 30! Thats how it should be on that road!
Tom Sofield January 10, 2013 at 01:33 PM
I agree ... Oxford Valley Road by the Wawa has to be one of the worst intersections in the area. As someone who drives most of my day, that intersection is one of the few in the region which makes me uneasy.
driver January 11, 2013 at 06:19 AM
Asphalt... brilliant. Because some of the most wicked potholes on that stretch of road are known to crop up in the asphalt section where 13 runs through the borough, PennDOT decides that is what we need more of. Same with the left turn lane nonsense, cause the left turn lane at green lane NEVER backs up into the left lane of traffic, right? And the lane reduction, while not a completely terrible idea is certainly going to make it more "exciting" turning into or out of the businesses on the commercial strip of 13 where its currently 3 lanes. Who the hell thought all this up?


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