PennDOT to Reclaim Land Along New Falls Road

As part of a quest to add sidewalks along New Falls Road, PennDOT will be reclaiming its right-of-way land in Bristol and Middletown townships.

It’s not sidewalks, yet, but it’s a step closer.

Officials from Bristol Township, Middletown, and state met Thursday at the Bucks County Redevelopment Authority headquarters off Green Lane to talk about adding sidewalks to New Falls Road in Levittown.

Officials agreed to begin work to reclaim PennDOT owned right-of-ways and clear brush from the sides of the roadway from Veterans Highway (Route 413) to Bristol-Oxford Valley Road.

The cleared brush will allow pedestrians a clear path to walk on the embankment that sits on both sides of the road. Local officials hope that the clearing will eventually lead to the installation of sidewalks.

PennDOT will begin surveys in the coming weeks to confirm its right-of-way along the busy road.

Click here to see the Sidewalks for New Falls Road Facebook page

Homeowners whose fences and sheds have been placed on the state right-of-way will receive letters and will be given a period of time to remove or relocate their items. If not, crews will remove them, PennDOT’s county maintenance manager Cal Morrison said.

While government could not pledge the funds to building sidewalks, fundraising was suggested. Middletown manager Stephanie Teoli and Bristol Township councilman Craig Bowen said they would help promote fundraising efforts.

Officials talked about adding a walkway similar to that along New Falls Road near the Red Cedar and Appletree section. State Senator Tommy Tomlinson's district director, Al Sutter said sidewalks or walking paths may be a bit down the line.

Sharon Rearick has been leading the charge to install sidewalks along New Falls Road since her son was killed along the roadway in Middletown last July. Her son, John, was killed across from the Penn Jersey Auto Store last July after a driver struck him and fled the scene.

The driver, Jonathan H. Simmons, 27, of Bristol Township, was sentenced to 15 to 30 months in prison on Wednesday.

Rearick believes her son would still be alive if he had sidewalks to use as he traveled home.

“This isn’t about my son anymore, it’s about the safety of the community, that’s why this needs to get done. I won’t stop till that happens, the communities safety is at risk,” Rearick told Patch in October.

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Sharon Rearick January 23, 2013 at 11:18 AM
Please sign and share this petition. Wouldn't it be great if Ellen, the View , Katie Couric or even BON JOVI showed and interest in this project. That would help alot. The next challange, I will learn how to set up a non profit, tax deductible donations, . if anyone can help please email me ssrearick@aol.com http://www.change.org/petitions/sidewalks-for-new-falls-road-levittown-pa-honoring-john-rearick-by-making-a-difference?fb_action_ids=4521271922596&fb_action_types=change-org%3Arecruit&fb_ref=__YLUWUUXZVr&fb_source=timeline_og&action_object_map=%7B%224521271922596%22%3A216963748436046%7D&action_type_map=%7B%224521271922596%22%3A%22change-org%3Arecruit%22%7D&action_ref_map=%7B%224521271922596%22%3A%22__YLUWUUXZVr%22%7D sign and share this petition: God Bless and thank you for the support
Lynda January 23, 2013 at 03:10 PM
This is a great idea when I first heard about the accident it was very disheartening that someone could do that but me being a mother and sometimes walking along these roads I know what it's like even though my child is only 3 it doesn't make a difference how old you are these sidewalks are needed I agree with Sharon and I have signed the petition
concerned citizen January 24, 2013 at 12:13 AM
There are over 77000 houses in levittown and plenty of buisnesses as well! If each household and buisness donates 10.00 per address then the sidewalks can be paid for in a short amount of time. So if people would consider donating that small amount just one time then we can have those sidewalks by spring. There needs to be a donation location at a bank to make it work and maybe peoe manning collection buckets at various intersections to promote saftey and to raise awereness of how we desperatley needs sidewalks in levittown. Not just new falls but all main roads around the area. This can be done if everyone can please just get together and co operate for once because everyone will benefit from this. It is time to take action and not to forget the lives lost cor no good reason.
Pamela Egan-McAstocker January 27, 2013 at 10:45 PM
too many people die on that street in the 80"s jeff snowden was killed on that rioad also while riding his bike home from mcdonalds where he worked
Sharon Rearick February 03, 2013 at 03:28 PM
Concerned Citizen, I started a corporation call SIDEWALKS ARE FOR EVERYONE (S A F E ) i couldnt use safe already taken as soon as all the documents come in the account will be set up. What is a Peoe manning collection bucket? I need a bunch of people to start there own fundraising events. I have one event set up April 20th from 9:15P to 11:30-12P THE COMEDY WORKS BRISTOL TICKETS ARE $15 drinks and snacks are extra. As soon as I have tickets I will post the information oin my facebook. Sharon soliwoda rearick please find me so you can share the information. Please if you havent signed the petition on Change.org please do look for Sidewalks for new falls road. please sign ansd share. and if you have anyconnections to news media or star power we need theur help.. Thank you for responding


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