Power Remains Spotty in Levittown on Thursday

Patch has status updates on electric service from around the Levittown area.

As Levittown awoke to a crisp fall morning, power crews were out and about working on restoring service to the area.

PECO spokeswoman Martha Phan said the utility hopes to have a majority of customers throughout the Philadelphia region without service restored by Friday night.

Bristol Borough

Starting Wednesday afternoon, large portions on the borough’s electric service came back on the grid.

PECO is reporting between 1,500 and 3,000 customers out of 5,000 are remain without service.

Bristol Township

As of Thursday morning, about 12,000 of the township’s 22,000 electric customers had power, Bristol Township Emergency Operations Director Kevin Dippolito told Patch.

Just hours earlier, close to 16,000 meters were without service, Dippolito said.

A shelter at the James Gallagher Senior Center located on the grounds of the Bristol Township Municipal Complex at 2501 Bath Road remained open.

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Township and Red Cross crews distributing Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) and bottled water at the municipal complex are expected to be there until 6 p.m. The distribution point - open to all local residents without power - is also expected to be open on Friday, volunteer manager Stacey Emery said.

A helicopter surveyed utility lines above Bristol on Wednesday afternoon.

Falls Township

Thousands remain without power in Falls Township, including in the hard-hit Thornridge section.

“Falls is doing well, the last update we received from PECO told us that about 9,000 customers in Falls were still without power,” said Bob Harvie, chairman of the board.

He added that the utility told township officials they expect to have a majority of resident back online by Friday night.

“This Saturday was a planned leaf/yard waste collection by Waste Management, so we are hoping people take advantage of that to get rid of the leaves, small branches, etc.,. For free,” Harvie said.

Middletown Township

On Monday, the township’s distinctive green public works trucks were around town clearing debris.

More than 3,000 of the township’s 18,000 PECO customers remain without service, utility officials said.

Langhorne & Langhorne Manor boroughs

Limbs and full trees remain scattered throughout the quaint borough’s streets and yards.

Under 500 customers remained without power in each borough, PECO said.

Penndel Borough

Less than half the electricity customers in the borough are still powerless.

Tullytown Borough

Power is being restored to parts of the community, borough police chief and the emergency management coordinator Sgt. Dan Doyle said. Otherwise, he said the town handled the storm well.

PECO reports that several hundred customers in the borough remain without service.

The Philadelphia-based power and gas company said at points in the storm half of its customers were without service, Phan told Patch.

“We will continue to work as safely and effectively as possible to restore service to customers as soon as we can.  We know our customers are inconvenienced when they are without service.  Given the massive destruction caused by this fierce storm, we ask our customers to be patient and thank them for their understanding as we continue our work,” PECO president and CEO Craig Adams said.

Across Bucks County, more than 119,00 do not have service restored, Phan said.


Do you have power in your neighborhood? Tell us in the comments.

Still without power November 01, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Plumbridge is still without power I've seen not one PECO or utility truck
gail hadley November 01, 2012 at 09:16 PM
mu son works for a landscape company and has been working day and night. they and the linesman & journeymen r heros! I pray they stay safe.
Bearcat November 01, 2012 at 10:39 PM
I'm sorry to say but I have no faith in anything PECO says anymore. Now we on Kenwood are getting reports of SUNDAY by 4pm. As the mother of two, one of whom is 3 days old, I'm displaced from my home with PECO just farting around. (Thankfully I have family who took us in), but it would be nice to recover in my home. Walmart and the whole shopping center is on; maybe you should work on restoring the RESIDENTS power.
Chris Taylor Jr November 02, 2012 at 02:32 AM
I have not seen any crews either but I can see their work as section after section comes online. rumor has it my section should have power by around midnight or so. the genny is holding up good though. the cool weather meant only the fridge really needed the genny (starting to warm up a bit) both freezers were still cold enough to be safe so long as we did not open them. I KNOW they have a lot of work in my area the magnificent fireworks show as transformer after transformer lit up the sky in green and pink was rather spectacular that night.
yjnrfv November 04, 2012 at 12:30 PM
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