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Road Fixes Coming

Hatboro and Horsham look to begin 2011 road programs this summer.

Plentiful potholes, punctures and pits – even the roads least traveled have rough spots, mostly due to the harsh winter.

The good news is that help in the form of patches, repaving and strip-paving is on the way for many borough- and township-owned roadways.

Hatboro’s 2011 road program

Hatboro is accepting bids through May 6 for the repaving of three roads, as well as alternate bids for the possible inclusion of two other sections on Jefferson Avenue, according to Borough Councilman Bill Tompkins. The alternate work could be carried out if the other project is bid under the budgeted amount, he said.

The borough’s road program is expected to include: Corinthian Avenue (near Warminster to west of Jefferson Avenue); Jefferson Avenue (County Line Road to Corinthian Avenue) including four new ADA curb ramps; and Harrison Avenue (County Line Road to Corinthian Avenue) including four new ADA curb ramps, Tompkins said.

“Potholes are not necessarily the cause of a road being redone, more a symptom of deterioration of the paving,” Tompkins said in an e-mail. “The primary roads on the list are in poorer base shape and with the recent Aqua (water) main work done up there they also have a lot of dig patches in them as well.”

Aqua has been working to in the area of South York Road since winter. Tompkins said Aqua intends to repave York Road in the area between Horsham Road and Mill Road in Upper Moreland once the water main replacement is complete.

Hatboro’s 2011 road program should be awarded on May 23, with work being carried out between July 1 and Sept. 30, he said. 

Horsham’s 2011 road program

Horsham’s public works crew carries out all of its roadwork in-house, according to Township Manager Bill Walker, who said projects are expected to begin by mid-June, in conjunction with the end of the school year.

The township council is expected to award bids for highway materials, such as asphalt, tonight, he said.

Walker said that because of budget constraints, the township had to scale back its road program a bit this year. Still, he said the roughly $500,000 undertaking will cover repaving of the Woods Edge development – which consists of Cottonwood Drive, Holly Drive, Butternut Dive and Red Gum Road – as well as a small section of Cypress Lane and a section of Tamarack Circle.

Residential streets are repaved every 18 to 20 years, Walker said.

Crews will also be strip-paving various roads, including , Pine Avenue, and Keith Valley Road, Walker said.

“We will just go around the complete town and do any road,” Walker said. “Babylon Road is going to need a lot of attention and Keith Valley Road.”

Strip-paving is similar to patching, except that it could involve “long stretches of road. It could be several feet wide,” he said. The result is a smoother section of road, Walker said. 

Horsham is working with State Rep. Todd Stephens (R-151) to have PennDOT add state-owned to its priority list, Walker said. The state intends to pave a section of this summer.

“We hope Norristown Road in the next year or two gets on PennDOT’s schedule,” Walker said. “It’s pretty bad.”


Joe Maguire April 25, 2011 at 08:27 PM
Norristown road from Horsham road to 63 needs to be done ASAP, it is in a state of total disrepair!!!!


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