Trash Collection Moves to Once Weekly

The once-weekly collection will begin in May 2012.


The Northampton joined both and in unanimously approving a new multi-year contract with waste hauler J.P. Mascaro that will decrease trash pick-up from two times a week to one starting in May.

The move will reduce the $340 trash removal fee that Northampton residents pay by $34, according to Township Manager Robert Pellegrino. He added the switch will also save the township a “considerable” amount of cash.

No word yet on which day trash and recyclable pick-up will be on.

In the coming months, J.P. Mascaro will also be providing the approximately 12,500 households in Northampton a 64-gallon green recyclable can at no extra cost. The can is in hopes that more people will recycle, which is cheaper to haul and has many benefits for planet, Deon said.

Pellegrino stressed to residents that this move will only affect trash hauling and not the once weekly yard waste collection that takes place between April 1 and December 15.

Board of Supervisors' Vice Chairman Vincent Deon and Pellegrino worked with Lower and Upper Southampton officials as part of Southwestern Bucks Solid Waste Committee (SBSWC) to obtain bids for waste removal. The SBSWX sends out bids and chooses the most reasonable and affordable bid for the three townships.

The contract is set to be in place for just shy of four years with the option to extend for two one year periods.

The losing bidders were Waste Management and Republic Services.

Bonnie February 22, 2012 at 04:41 AM
I understand the reasons for this change. But not sure how I'm going to make it work for our family with a continued 6am trash pickup. We live in the woods and I cannot leave my cans out overnight ... yes the raccoon will drag that filled 20 gallon trash can 10 yards to the backyard. I suppose I'll have to construct a trash bin type fence at the foot of my driveway for all those 12 cans. My neighbors will love that. Oh bother. Seriously, I think I'll do what my mother-in-law does and keep my raw and cooked proteins in a bag in the freezer and race out the door Sat. morning just in time to give it to our trash man heros.
Bonnie February 22, 2012 at 04:42 AM
Oh please, please, please, change my pickup from Sat. morning to a weekday morning!
David Borofsky May 02, 2012 at 11:06 PM
What a joke, love how our rights of choice is taking away from us. I can't believe that the only savings is $.70 per week. Somthing is not right!
MBK May 22, 2012 at 01:37 AM
Just reading up on this now. $34 in savings for 1/2 the service. Think the guys putting the trash in the trucks are going to give the same effort when they have to do twice the work on a given day? I have to believe there's more to it then a 10 percent savings. Maybe the board members are in the garbage can business.
Tim May 22, 2012 at 03:30 PM
The trash guys have never given much effort to begin with, so it can't get any worse from that angle. My empty trash cans always end laying in front of my driveway. Those guys just don't care. As far as the weekly service our family has absolutely no problem with it. With the large recycling bins we recycle a lot more than we used to. The amount of "trash" we produce is very low. So for all of those complainers out there: how many are actually having an issue. I think the 10% savings is probably acceptable. If we kept the twice-weekly service you know our costs would likely have gone up 10-20%, so we are really saving 20-30% for the same quantity of trash pickup. In this case I'll give the Supervisor's some credit, but they must be open to going back to twice-weekly if any significant issues creep up over the next few years.


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