District Hires Auditor to Investigate Employee Misconduct

Forensic auditor to look into employees that allegedly falsified time record.


The is hiring a forensic auditor to investigate alleged employee misconduct that was unearthed two months ago.

In May, the district announced that certain employees in the facilities department had falsified time records and collected wages that they did not earn or deserve.

"In consideration of all of the honest and hard working employees of this district, it is regrettable that a few employees have tarnished the reputation of this district," Superintendent David Baugh at the time.

At a June 27 meeting, the school board approved a resolution retaining “Eisner Amper, LLP to conduct an operational, forensic and financial control review and evaluation of designated departments.” The school board directed all district employees to fully cooperate with the auditor.

The cost of the audit is not to exceed $75,000, according to the resolution.

According to a district release, the audit is not designed to target staff.

“Hopefully, the audit will not discover any procedural weaknesses that have led to intentional misconduct,” the release stated. “If the audit reveals any misconduct or procedural shortcomings, the school board and administration will take any and all actions to appropriately address and resolve the situation or circumstances.”

Dave Fiedler June 29, 2012 at 01:59 PM
This is a sensible thing to do and worth the cost. Good move by the Board. Acting as a good steward of taxpayer money necessitates a detailed investigation when it becomes apparent employees did not conduct themselves above boards. We should see more of this type of thing. Abuses are often tolerated with a wink and a nod in government, more so than in the private sector where time and expense reporting are subject to strenuous review and audit.


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