Relationship Between Bensalem Public Schools & Local Businesses Has Strong Pulse

Walgreens joins district's Businesses for Schools program with donation of health devices.


The relationship between the and local businesses has a strong pulse.

As part of the Business for Schools (B4S) program, has given the district four pulse oximeters, which measure the oxygen saturation of a person’s blood and display their pulse rate.

The familiar devices that clip on to a person’s finger will be used for students and staff at schools that did not have them.

“The donation of pulse oximeters for Valley, Cornwells  and Belmont Hills elementary Schools as well as the athletic department at Bensalem High School is much appreciated,” said district nursing coordinator Kim Anderson.  “Every year our schools are evaluating and treating an increasing number of students with asthma and cardiac issues and the pulse oximeters have become a valuable tool in our assessments. Thanks to the generous donation from Walgreens we will now be able to utilize this assessment tool in all nine Bensalem public schools.”

Cornwells Principal Shawn Mark also expressed thanks.

“The pulse-ox machines will be a great tool for our nurses to use to help assess individuals who are having difficulties breathing, chest pains or unexplained distress,” she said.  “If the nurses can get an immediate reading on an individual's blood oxygen level  they can make better decisions about how to care for those in need.”

Leslie Fleming, the certified school nurse at Valley, said the device will “help to promote student safety, especially with our asthmatic students.  We are thrilled to have received a pulse oximeter machine for the students at Valley, and are very appreciative of Walgreen's for donating this important piece of equipment for our students."

Amit Rathod, manager of the Walgreens store at Street and Knights roads, said the donation fits in with the company’s desire to be the “community pharmacy.”

“I really wanted to get involved,” added Rathod, who has been the manager of the store for about a year.

The Walgreens pulse-oxygen devices sell for $49.99 each.

The B4S program was instituted in the spring.  It got off the ground when numerous local businesses, including Golden Asp, agreed to provides dresses, tuxes, flowers and hair services for several  students who had overcome hardships and might not have been able to attend their senior prom. The program also has included free district advertising on two Clear Channel electronic billboards and Lowe’s imminent development of a garden at BHS for special education students.

All told, the local business community has provided services or made donations totaling more than $96,000 in about six months, despite the economic recession.

Information provided by the Bensalem Township School District.


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