School District Announces Employee Wrongdoing

Facilities workers falsified time records, according to district superintendent.

The Bensalem School District announced today that certain employees in its facilities department have falsified time records and collected wages that they did not earn or deserve. 

According to a release, two of the employees have already resigned and Superintendent David Baugh is considering disciplinary options and dismissal for others.

"In consideration of all of the honest and hard working employees of this district, it is regrettable that a few employees have tarnished the reputation of this district," said Baugh. 

"I want to thank the person who provided the anonymous tip to me that led to my investigation and findings of wrongdoing.  I invite anyone else who has any knowledge of any alleged wrongdoing to contact me or my office.  We are happy to accept any tips on an anonymous basis.  I also want to thank all of the employees who have given me information that has assisted in the investigation."

The district is continuing its investigation into this matter and is carefully evaluating its processes, protocols and controls designed to prevent any further misconduct of this type. 

According to the release, the district will make more information available at the appropriate time, but does not want to do anything that will compromise the integrity of its investigation. 

Haveanotheroreo May 11, 2012 at 04:27 PM
I swear some of you have nothing better to do with your time. Seriously 99% of the stuff on here is BS. Just some quick real facts. 1 @Wendy you need to just go away you have no facts to anything you say. You are to dumb to realize the person you are talking about is actually two different people. 2 John q the Chief you are talking about I know for a fact hasn't said anything cause he knows nothing. You should look at the guy who all of a sudden went out on workmans comp for a bird who is singing. That guy also has ties to the police so I am sure he k ows how to sing. 3 @ Anthony Pasqualone you have no right to say anything about anybody if I was you I would shut up before the stuff u were be looked at comes out. I am sure a certain bus driver has a few things they can say about you Creeper. You all need to get a life. Yes what happened was wrong but you should be yelling at the bosses they alowed this to happen and also the allowed the ones who did the most to get off Scott free by resigning the ones who are still there did nothing wrong. And if they did they should be alowed to do what the others did. Well except go out on workmans comp now that should be an investigation. Oh and one more thing at wendy you need to really get a life one day someone will expose you for the stuff in your closet and no not just the Oreos you know what I mean and you better hope people who know about u don't start singing cause u will really be embarrassed.
MrBensalem May 11, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Can we get back on track here and focus on the real problem. The real problem is how did this go on for at least 4 years and their immediate supervisor (facilities director Mr. Mosely) not know what was going on? I demand His resignation immediately. Either he knew about it the whole time and did nothing or he chose not to do his job ignore the things being said by other district employees and put his blinders on. Either way he needs to go no matter how politically connected he is!!
PATTY May 16, 2012 at 05:13 PM
This whole trash mouthing is ridiclous ... you all need to get a life ... until you wear and stand in there shoes ..none of you know or will ever know what the true facts are..and for john Q and his comment on sunday , mothers day , you should be ashamed of yourself writing crap and not spending time with your mom ..or maybe she is reading your bullshit and doesnt want to spend time with you ..
PATTY May 16, 2012 at 05:21 PM
Why you think you can do a better job? ...Not .. because your to busy bickering on here to have what it takes .... Get a LIfe ...
Robert M July 26, 2012 at 05:42 PM
I was just reading through some old material when I came across this string of comments which shows community concern which is healthy in that members are concerned with the well being of the township. I agree with many of the comments posted particularly with the notion that the administration that was in place needs to take ownership of this unfortunate situation. Anytime someone falsifies records or obstructs justice that individual should be as accountable as the perpetrator. It seems that the Business Manager and Superintendent (Jack Myers & Bill Gretzula) should be deposed or have themselves removed from office. Ohhh that’s right Mr. Myers retired and Mr. Gretzula resigned hmmmmmm is this a coincidence…


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